Well, Asher got his first 4 shots today.  And I'll go ahead and go out on a limb and say he didn't care for those one little bit.  He did go right to sleep after I got him up off the doctor's table, but during the puncturing......he willed himself to be somewhere else.

Ah, and to top it off he also rolled over for the first time before the torturing began.  I think it was an attempt to make a mad dash off of the doctor's table, but still.....he's a champ.


1. I never knew you could produce "that" from milk.
2. I never knew it was possible for me to find any baby the least bit attractive.
3. I never the knew the epic power of a pacifier.
4. I never thought I would find comfort in being up in the middle of the night comforting someone else.
5. I never knew something that small could make that loud of a noise.
6. I never realized that I would have one more reason to be in admiration of my wife's breasts.
7. I never knew how good and clean you would smell regardless of what your diaper tells me.
8. I never knew that when you would smile, time stops.
9. I never knew that I would already have forgotten what it's like not to have you.
10.  I never think I will be able to put to words what you already mean to me in such a short time. 


No new pics worth a pooh.  Kasey took a bunch, so hopefully we'll get her blog up and running soon.  God knows I'm not updating mine enough.  I'll put some more on here before the weekend.  Mark my words.....muahahahah.

The "New" Family 04/14/2009

Me, Kas, and both of my sons.

He's Here! 04/12/2009

Little Asher finally joined the family after hiding away in a dark warm and moist place.  We finally couldn't wait any longer and made him come out early.   

Bored...Kinda. 03/27/2009

Well.  I officially got another job, but I'm officially not being handed over yet to my new department.  So until the time comes when the correct balance of me passing my responsibilites and me learning new ones comes I will be BORED.


Haven't been able to post in a while.  Work banned weebly from access.  I'll see what I can do about that in the next several weeks.  Leave it to Charles Manson to get me to post again, but eh.  Who cares right.  He looks perfectly fine to me.


Clofu.  Sounds very very disgusting no matter who it's from.