We had a crazy last weekend that I hope NEVER repeats itself again...  We were going to visit family in Winston Salem, NC for Christmas and left our house right on time at 9:15 am.  We knew the weather was going to be rainy and snowy, but we had no idea what we were in for!  The drive started out great.  Asher took his first nap and then we stopped for lunch at 12.  After lunch we got back on the road and decided because of the I-40 detour that we would go up to Virginia and down to Winston.  Once we started driving north the snow started... and it was so bad that Josh and I decided to turn around and go south, which put us about an hour out of the way.  So when we got on I-26 to Asheville we got stuck in a major blizzard.  Not just snow.. but tons and tons of snow, high winds, and ice.  It was very scary.  I was in the backseat with Asher and Josh was driving very carefully.  At around 3pm everyone completely stopped on the highway.  We were just sitting in the middle of the blizzard not knowing what was going on.  At around 7pm we started going again and went about 5 miles then stopped again.  We sat there FOREVER and EVER.  We found out at about 1am that they had closed the highway.  Firefighters offered to take us to a shelter b/c we had a baby, but at this point Asher was asleep in my arms and I couldn't even imagine taking him to a shelter.. he would never sleep there and would be miserable.  So we decided to stay in the car.  Luckily we had the camry hybrid so we felt like we weren't going to run out of gas, but did keep turning the car off to conserve the gas.   At around 2am they told us that they were going to open the highway again.. we got so excited, but hours later were still sitting there.  We started going again around 5am and made it the 10 miles left to get to Asheville.  Yes, we were only 10 miles from a nice, warm, hotel room.  We were exhausted, but very thankful that we were safe. 

Asher did GREAT in the car for 20 HOURS!!  yes, 20 hours... sometimes I think he is a super baby.  We left Chattanooga at 9:15 am and got to the hotel in Asheville around 5:30am.  Luckily he was young enough that he had no idea what was going on... we had a bunch of toys and constantly were trying to entertain him.  Lots of songs, toys, books, eating puffs one by one to just pass the time...  So he was set..  the only hard time he had was trying to go to sleep.. he slept from about 11pm -4am mostly in my arms and then woke up happy as ever at 4am.  He did amazing.  Josh and I on the other hand weren't that luckly..  we had NOTHING for us.  no water or food.  but the whole night was so scary we didn't even think about it.  Josh did fill up Asher's sippy cup with snow just in case.. LOL.  When we got to the hotel Asher was nice enough to go back to sleep for about an hour so we got to lay down.

An hour or so later we woke up and noticed that Asher was all red.  it was like he had a sunburn all over his body.  We got some breakfast and took it easy.  He was really out of sorts so we didn't do much.  But his redness got worse and turned into raised bumps (hives) all over his body... so after calling the pediatrician and running into a nurse at the hotel bar (yes, Asher had his lunch at the hotel bar.. LOL) we decided to take him to the ER.  Just when we thought the weekend couldn't get worse, we were on our way to the ER in the snow/ice.  It was still snowing in Asheville!  Looks like Asher had an allergic reaction to something.. not sure what... and he was on benedryl and got some steroids to reduce the redness.  I'm glad it was not serious.  And the experience at the hospital was great.. no waiting, super friendly doctors... we were in and out of there in an hour.  The hospital was a large Cerner client so that's another reason why the hospital was so organized... LOL.

Sunday we woke up and wanted to get home very badly and it was STILL snowing.  It looked worse on Sunday than it did on Saturday.   Thank god we made it home safe and Asher's skin is getting much better.  We were sad that we never made it to Winston, but it just wasn't in our cards for that weekend!!!  I couldn't imagine putting Asher in the car for longer than we had too.  The whole weekend seems like a blurr or a bad dream now, but I hope we NEVER get into that situation again!!!!  Next time I'll be traveling with water bottles and food too!  LOL.  I wish now that I had taken some pictures of our car buried in snow, but at the time I didn't care.  Here are some pictures 2 days after the blizzard...  As you can see there was still so much snow left.  It was unbelievable, but I am glad it's over...  :)

I think this pic was taken the first time we got stopped... 

This was Asheville on Sunday...  3 days AFTER the storm...



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    Asher's Fun Facts

    - 12/16/09 Impromptu visit to the Dr for his skin and with all his clothes on and a light jacket Asher weighs 20 lbs 2 ounces.

    - 12/16/09 And we have 2 bottom teeth!  We've been waiting for these teeth for months.. we could see them through the gums for a LONG time!  But I think they are finally here!

    - 12/7/09 Asher can go from crawling to sitting all by himself! 

    - 12/2/09  Asher weighs 18 lbs 14 oz and started on his first antibotic for a skin infection on his head and swollen lymph nodes.

    - 11/25/09  We are offically crawling!  Asher is using his hands and feet and getting around!  Today he also pulled himself up to a standing position today all by himself!

    - 10/28/09  6 Month Checkup!  I weigh 17 pounds 11 ounces and I'm 28 inches long.  I'm in the 90% for my height and 60% for my weight!

    - 10/18/09 I crawled for the 1st time!  I'm getting mobile!  and Asher ate sweet potatos for the first time.  He loved them of course...  not a picky eater.

    - 10/15/09  I can officially sit up on my own!

    - 10/11/09 We ate Squash for the first time!

    - 10/4/09  We ate Carrots for the first time! 

    - 09/27/09  We ate peas for the first time!  And he LOVED it and couldn't get enough.  Asher is TOTALLY ready to start eating.

    - 09/14/09  We went to the Dr. today to check out our eczema and Asher weighs 17 pounds! 

    - 08/22/09  My First Vacation!  We all went to Destin, FL for the week.  We had a GREAT time. 

    - 08/19/09  We had our 4 month check up today!  Asher weighs 15 pounds 11 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long.  He is still in the 75% for both height and weight.  He looks great!

    - 08/14/09  Ate rice cereal for the first time!  Asher LOVED it!

    - 08/09/09  Asher started teething for the first time!  (We think) We might be getting a tooth on the top!  and... we are offically out of the swaddle.

    - 08/05/09  Asher rolled over from his back to his tummy today for the first time!  He did it over and over! 

    - 07/26/09  Went Swimming for the first time!

    - 07/01/09  Asher laughed today.  It wasn't the first laugh, but it was the first time he laughed over and over.  It was clear that he was trying to laugh at least.  I've tried to get it on camera but everytime I video something he gets camera shy.

    - 06/26/09  I've slept until 7 am for three nights in a row!!  YES!! 

    - 06/21/09  I rolled over for the second time!  My mommy put me down to do tummy time and I kind of fell over to my side.. then after a little struggle I rolled over to my back! (I still don't think I meant too at all)  I also started interacting with some toys today and hitting them with my hands.

    - 06/19/09  I rolled over for the first time!  I was at my Dr's appt and rolled right over!  I also now weigh 13.1 pounds and am 23 1/2 inches long.  I am in the 75% for both my height and weight.

    - 06/10/09  I really smiled alot today!  It was the first time I really smiled for a long period of time.

    - 06/01/09  Asher slept through the night for the first time!  He slept from 10:30 pm to 6 am!

    - 05/30/09  Josh and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary!

    - 05/19/09  Asher smiled at mommy for the first time!

    - 05/13/09  Asher had his 1 month checkup and he now weighs 10 pounds and is 22 inches long. 

    - 04/07/09  Asher was born at 8:17am.  He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 inches long.


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