1. I never knew you could produce "that" from milk.
2. I never knew it was possible for me to find any baby the least bit attractive.
3. I never the knew the epic power of a pacifier.
4. I never thought I would find comfort in being up in the middle of the night comforting someone else.
5. I never knew something that small could make that loud of a noise.
6. I never realized that I would have one more reason to be in admiration of my wife's breasts.
7. I never knew how good and clean you would smell regardless of what your diaper tells me.
8. I never knew that when you would smile, time stops.
9. I never knew that I would already have forgotten what it's like not to have you.
10.  I never think I will be able to put to words what you already mean to me in such a short time. 


No new pics worth a pooh.  Kasey took a bunch, so hopefully we'll get her blog up and running soon.  God knows I'm not updating mine enough.  I'll put some more on here before the weekend.  Mark my words.....muahahahah.