Bored...Kinda. 03/27/2009

Well.  I officially got another job, but I'm officially not being handed over yet to my new department.  So until the time comes when the correct balance of me passing my responsibilites and me learning new ones comes I will be BORED.


Haven't been able to post in a while.  Work banned weebly from access.  I'll see what I can do about that in the next several weeks.  Leave it to Charles Manson to get me to post again, but eh.  Who cares right.  He looks perfectly fine to me.


Clofu.  Sounds very very disgusting no matter who it's from.

Wierd. 03/11/2009
Spam. 03/11/2009

A) I got an e-mail from the King of Nigeria.  Apprently wer'e related.
B) I got a fishing rod e-mail telling me how to "Keep my rod hardy".
C) I got an e-mail telling me how to administer pills to increase my wifes "desires".